MSAB, LLC. specializes in commercial and residential construction, remodeling, roofing, repairs, electrical, painting, and gutters. We have over 30 years of construction experience with many projects throughout Middle Georgia and in surrounding areas. From simple cement paving to complete remodels and new construction homes, no project is too large for us. We know that understanding your needs is important, so combining that with our detailed management, superior teamwork as well as hands-on building and remodeling skills,  your project is always delivered with care, craftsmanship and stability that will last at a price that is affordable to you.

MSAB, LLC. is located at 506 Osigian Blvd, Suite 1 in Warner Robins, GA 31088. Our office hours are Mon - Fri from 8AM - 6PM. 

You can reach us at the 478-953-6336 (office) or:
Laura 478-867-3757 (cell) laura@msabllc.com (email)
Bob 478-256-1889 (cell) bob@msabllc.com (email)​

  1. Remodeling

    Remodeling projects include commercial and residential projects. We have done numerous residential bathroom remodels, including custom built tile showers and tubs, custom cabinetry, and tile flooring. Commercial projects include interior and exterior remodel, lighting, electrical, roofing, and store front remodels.

  2. Decks, Gutters & Awnings

    Are you ready for a new deck for your home? We built custom decks with materials that last a lifetime so you can enjoy the new addition to your home for years to come. We also install high quality gutters and awnings.

  3. Custom Cabinets

    Give your kitchen, bathroom, or office a new look with custom high quality cabinetry. New cabinets can make a huge difference in the value of your home or office building and you can enjoy quality finishes and custom stain colors.

  4. Electrical

    High quality electrical work is important for the safety of your family and employees. We have done many electrical remodels and new wiring throughout homes and offices in Middle Georgia and ensure that our work complies with all electrical codes specific for each county. We only use the best materials to protect your investment.

  5. New Construction

    New construction commercial and residential properties throughout Warner Robins and surrounding areas is what we are known for. We have built and sold many residential single family homes in Warner Robins, Kathleen, Bonaire, Centerville, Perry, and Kathleen. We would love to work with you to give your family  a new home. 

  6. Painting

    Quality and fast interior and exterior painting done right by MSAB, LLC in Warner Robins. We have hundreds of custom colors to choose from to give your office building or residential home a new look.


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sbaMSAB, LLC is a woman owned contractor located in Warner Robins, GA. Our work involves planning the construction (including new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs) of commercial and institutional buildings and related structures.